Statement Made Outside the Office of First Vice President Salva Kiir Mayardit

J. Scott Gration
Special Envoy for Sudan 
Darfur, Sudan
May 7, 2009

Our talks centered mainly on the Comprehensive Peace Agreement and full implementation. It is our position that we will support the referendum, that we will support the CPA, and that we will push very hard to make sure that it is fully implemented. We want to see elections carried out, elections that are credible. We also believe that we have to start right now to pass the laws that are required so that we can get a referendum so that the will of the people is demonstrated in a way that is credible and a way that can be accepted by all sides of the international community. I pledged our support for the elections, for the referendum, and to help in any way possible to resolve the remaining issues – whether they be the census, whether it be the border demarcation, whether it be issues in terms of sharing wealth in a way that is equitable and fair. So, it was a wonderful meeting.

It is always great to meet with the President of Southern Sudan and the First Vice President of National Unity. I find him to be a good friend, a supporter, and an interlocutor that has thought deeply about these issues, and so I gained a lot by having this interchange with him, and I always appreciate the time that I have to share to engage his views. So thank you very much. I appreciate the opportunity, and look forward to talking to you next time.