Remarks Upon Arrival at Khartoum International Airport

J. Scott Gration
Special Envoy for Sudan 
Khartoum, Sudan
May 6, 2009

It's very nice to be back in Sudan again. As many of you know, I came to Sudan on my first visit to focus primarily on internal issues. I spent time in Khartoum, I went to Juba, to Abyei, and to Darfur. This trip to the region has taken me to the neighbors. I've had a good trip, where I went to Egypt, Qatar, spent time talking to representatives from Libya, I went to Chad, and had an opportunity to speak with the president and to speak with other leaders there in Chad, and I just returned today from Doha.


We have an opportunity to complete the Goodwill Agreement between the Government of National Unity and the new Justice and Equality Movement and then there's an opportunity, possibly, to move on to the second round that will result in a resolution of political issues and a permanent cease-fire for the people of Darfur. This will be very wonderful because the people have suffered enough, it's time to get some security, the Government of Sudan, I believe, is making progress on returning the humanitarian assistance to the region and it is my wish that together with the efforts that are being made on the ground by the international NGOs, the efforts that are being made by the Government of Sudan, and the efforts that the teams in Doha are making that we will have an opportunity for peace, stability, security, and economic prosperity. So thank you very, very much - I appreciate being back here in Khartoum again.