Remarks With Afghan Foreign Minister Zalmi Rassol

Marc Grossman
Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan 
Kabul, Afghanistan
June 27, 2011

Reuters Soundbite

SPECIAL REPRESENTATIVE GROSSMAN: The government of Pakistan hasn't been involved in those particular processes at all, so not yet. I do think though that it's important to say that the government of Pakistan and the government of Afghanistan and the government of United States are working together in this core group.

SPECIAL REPRESENTATIVE GROSSMAN:  The conversations that we are having at the core group with Pakistan, Afghanistan and United States, I think are extremely important. First of all because it's a way to coordinate our efforts on reconciliation, but also because it's a way for Afghanistan and United States to convey clearly to the government of Pakistan that part of the responsibility to bringing peace to Afghanistan is an end to support by Pakistan of the safe havens and enablers where people come from Pakistan and attack people in Afghanistan, both Afghans and Americans.