LEND Network: Leaders Engaged in New Democracies

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Effective | Innovative| On-Demand Democracy Support

The LEND Network is a global forum for exchanging information and expertise on democratization. It brings together key leaders from the world’s newest democracies with former presidents, prime ministers, and other experts responsible for past transitions to democracy. The Network provides, for the first time, a mechanism to facilitate real-time information sharing between leaders in new democracies and leaders that have successfully navigated the challenges of democratization in their own countries.

The Network fills a crucial need by providing a mechanism for communication between former leaders with relevant experience and current leaders in newly emerging democracies. The array of technological and social networking tools provided by the LEND Network’s secure online platform helps address the cost and logistical barriers that have limited such information sharing in the past.

The initiative harnesses the expertise of the Club de Madrid, the world’s largest forum of democratically elected former presidents and prime ministers, and leverages public-private partnerships with Open Text and Google.


The LEND Network is designed to provide peer advice, peer support, and capacity building to political leaders and policy makers in key emerging democracies. Since its launch in July 2012, the Network has:

  • Created a secure online platform with the goal of sharing experiences and best practices about democratization;
  • Generated sustained participation from a user base that brings together world class experts from every region;
  • Convened face-to-face meetings between members of the Club de Madrid and participants of the LEND Network;
  • Hosted regular webinars on topics related to democratic transitions; and
  • In Tunisia, participants worked through the LEND Network to develop draft recommendations for the country’s new constitution.

Communities within the platform are based around key aspects of democratic transitions. Currently, these include: Constitutional Reform, Development Policy, Civil Society, Accountability and Governance, Education, Entrepreneurship, Human Rights, Justice Sector Reform, Diplomacy, Local Governance, Media Sector Development, Political Party Development, Security Sector Reform, and Strengthening the Legislature.

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