Partnership Opportunity Delegations

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Partnership Opportunity Delegations

Facilitating opportunities and connecting dots



“We’re going to create an environment where people can easily form personal relationships and broad networks with people from every background and every expertise. We’re also going to help them with the training and support that they need to turn their ideas into businesses, and then to bring them to scale.” 

--Secretary Kerry, October 11, 2013 



Some of the best ideas are created when different combinations of people are placed in new surroundings and given the opportunity to meet, share ideas, and collaborate on projects of mutual interest.

When an entrepreneur and an investor from two distant parts of the world have the chance to connect in person, or when a philanthropist can learn about the work of a local organization first-hand, there come about opportunities for collaboration that can generate economic value, accelerate development, and deliver social benefits to communities.


Through the Partnership Opportunity Delegations (PODs), the U.S. Department of State and like-minded partners bring together government, entrepreneurs, investors, philanthropy, academics, faith-based organizations, and the private sector to make exciting new connections and open new markets. These delegations help to cultivate and enable partnership opportunities in communities of mutual interests.

Starting in January 2014, the Secretary’s Office of Global Partnerships led a series of delegations of entrepreneurs and investors to visit countries and regions of interest. At each location, delegations met with local political, business, and thought leaders to discuss partnership opportunities focused on investment and economic development. These exchanges aimed to provide unique insight and networks, highlighted potential areas for investment, and inspired collaboration that bring innovations to market.


Delegations consisted of eight to ten investors and “serial” entrepreneurs who visited target countries for three to four days where they met with key partners from the country and the region. The program included a tour of local startups and established businesses, networking sessions between delegates and entrepreneurs, and roundtable conversations that enabled delegates to meet with established business leaders and local financing bodies to discuss the local and regional ecosystems for entrepreneurship and angel investing.

POD Delegates had the opportunity to:

  • Explore investment opportunities in fast-growing markets and meet high quality, pre-screened early-stage companies, boosting emerging entrepreneurship hubs;
  • Mentor young entrepreneurs, who will benefit immensely from the experience of American investors and entrepreneurs;
  • Meet with local business leaders and government stakeholders to discuss ways to support the angel investment ecosystem;
  • Network along with local entrepreneurs and interested investors;
  • Seek out opportunities to collaborate and leverage resources and core competencies of various stakeholders;
  • Build strong relations with each other and local partners – thus solidifying the foundations of an organic, sustainable, and mutually beneficial alliance.


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