Secretary of State's Policy Guidance

The Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review (QDDR) of 2010 stated that the Secretary of State would provide high-level policy guidance for the Department of State in order to provide more in-depth guidance on certain of the Department’s priorities and to encourage increased coordination in advancing key U.S. foreign policy interests. As part of this effort, the Secretary of State will disseminate a series of cables that outline policy guidance across a range of issues.

These cables address cross-cutting topics that have relevance across multiple bureaus and posts, and they build on the Secretary’s speeches and the Department’s existing policies and programming activities. They identify objectives, our intended means to achieve those objectives, and benchmarks to assess progress. The goal is to create a shared understanding of key policy goals – especially those that cut across organizational lines and are new or emerging priorities – and to provide actionable guidance for relevant bureaus and posts around the world to advance these goals.

Twelve policy guidance cables have been issued to date. Although the cables are internal documents, the Department has, in certain cases, developed public fact sheets to complement them, which are available below.