Apotex Inc. v. United States of America

Apotex Inc., a Canadian pharmaceuticals corporation, alleges that U.S. courts committed errors in interpreting federal law, and that such errors are in violation of NAFTA Article 1102 (national treatment) and Article 1105 (minimum standard of treatment under international law). Apotex also alleges that the challenged U.S. court decisions expropriated Apotex’s investments under NAFTA Article 1110.

On June 14, 2013, the Tribunal issued an Award on Jurisdiction and Admissibility, dismissing all of the claims and ordering Apotex to pay the United States' legal fees and arbitral expenses. The Award and other documents appear on this page.

08/27/14 NAFTA Tribunal Dismisses Apotex Claims; Office of the Spokesperson; Washington, DC
06/14/13  Award on Jurisdiction and Admissibility
02/16/12  Transcript of the Hearing on Preliminary Issues -- Day Two
02/15/12  Transcript of the Hearing on Preliminary Issues -- Day One (redacted)
12/16/11  Apotex Rejoinder on Objections to Jurisdiction
10/17/11  U.S. Reply on Objections to Jurisdiction
10/11/11  Procedural Order No. 2
08/01/11  Apotex Counter-Memorial to Objections to Jurisdiction
05/16/11  U.S. Objections to Jurisdiction
03/15/11  Statement of Defense
01/17/11  Statement of Claims
12/16/10  Procedural Order No. 1
11/12/10  U.S. Submission in Opposition to a Stay
10/29/10  Claimant's Submission in Support of a Stay
10/15/10  Letter to Parties Regarding the Procedural Meeting
08/10/10  Joint Letter to the Tribunal
12/10/08  Notice of Arbitration