Report to Congress per P.L. 110-286 on Military and Intelligence Aid to Burma for 2011

Released September 16, 2013

Under Section 10 of Public Law 110-286, the Secretary of State is required to submit to the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the House of Representatives and the Committee on Foreign Relations of the Senate "a report containing a list of countries, companies, and other entities that provide military or intelligence aid to the SPDC and describing such military or intelligence aid provided by each country, company or other entity."


In 2011, Burma's primary foreign suppliers of weapons and military-related technology were state-controlled arms companies from China, North Korea, Russia, and Belarus. Intelligence aid, if any, will be included in the classified annex.

Assistance by Country

China and Chinese companies provided both finished military equipment and military production assistance to Burma.

North Korea and North Korean companies supported Burma's efforts to build and operate military-related production facilities. North Korea's arms traders bought production-related equipment for work in Burma from companies based in Taiwan and China.

Russian companies or brokers continued to deliver aircraft to Burma in 2011. Russia also continued to train Burmese students in a wide range of fields with military applications.

Belarus' state-owned supply company delivered helicopters and related equipment.

Firms based in Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand have reportedly assisted Burma's defense industry in acquiring production technology.