Bureau of Intelligence and Research

INR is a bureau of the Department of State and a member of the Intelligence Community (IC). The Bureau of Intelligence and Research's (INR) primary mission is to harness intelligence to serve U.S. diplomacy. Secretary of State George Marshall established INR in 1947. INR is a direct descendant of the Office of Strategic Services Research Department and the oldest civilian intelligence element in the U.S. Government. Ambassador Daniel B. Smith is INR’s Assistant Secretary.

Drawing on all-source intelligence, INR provides value-added independent analysis of events to U.S. State Department policymakers; ensures that intelligence activities support foreign policy and national security purposes; and serves as the focal point in the State Department for ensuring policy review of sensitive counterintelligence and law enforcement activities around the world. The bureau directs the Department’s program of intelligence analysis and research, conducts liaison with the Intelligence Community, and represents the Department on committees and in interagency intelligence groups. The Bureau of Intelligence and Research also analyzes geographical and international boundary issues.

INR fulfills its mission through three key activities:


All-Source Analysis

INR is one of three all-source analytical units in the IC. INR analysts focus primarily on supporting diplomats and diplomacy with a wide range of information and analyses. INR participates in the production of joint IC products, usually under the auspices of the National Intelligence Council (NIC), and in the drafting and coordinating of articles for the President’s Daily Briefing (PDB). INR is also the U.S. Government (USG) leader for foreign public opinion research and analysis.

Intelligence Policy and Coordination

INR coordinates between the Department of State and the IC to ensure that intelligence activities—collection and operations—support and are informed by foreign policy. Within the State Department, INR coordinates policy review of sensitive intelligence, counterintelligence, and law enforcement activities to ensure that they are consistent with foreign policy interests. INR also represents the State Department’s interests in the formulation of intelligence policy by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and by other elements of the IC.

Analytic Outreach

INR leads the IC in analytic outreach. INR’s Analytic Exchange Program provides analysts and policymakers with perspectives from hundreds of outside experts from the private sector, academia, and non-governmental organizations on the most challenging foreign policy and intelligence issues. INR also runs INRtalks: an audio-video program that directly engages these experts at the request of policymakers and analysts. INR co-chairs the National Intelligence Analysis Board’s Analytic Outreach Committee, the IC’s principal coordinating body for analytic outreach. INR co-manages the IC Associates Program with the NIC.

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