Video Montage on the QDDR

April 27, 2015

Secretary of State John Kerry: I want the QDDR to be the blueprint to do exceptional things within an exceptional institution, to chart a course for how we’re going to be more creative in our work together and in our engagement with the world.

Enduring Leadership in a Dynamic World

The Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review provides a blueprint for advancing America’s interests in global security, inclusive economic growth, climate change, accountable governance and freedom for all.

QDDR Theme: Preventing and Mitigating Conflict and Violent Extremism

Tracy O’Heir, Disaster Operations Specialist, USAID: America leads in mitigating effects of conflicts around the world. As the leading donor for South Sudan’s humanitarian crisis, USAID and the State Department have provided nearly $1 billion in emergency assistance to help those affected by the conflict. This life-saving aid helped reach 3.6 million people last year, including those displaced in the country and refugees who fled the violence.

Assistant Secretary Tom Countryman, Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation: My team and I serve America by being in the front lines of diplomacy—we negotiated with partner countries at the UN to remove chemical weapons from Syria; we keep Weapons of Mass Destruction –nuclear, biological and chemical--out of the hands of terrorists and prevent the illicit trade of arms across transnational borders.

Don Brown, Foreign Service Officer, Bureau of Economics and Business Affairs: America leads an aggressive international effort to attack terrorist financing. To support this effort, my colleagues and I work daily with teammates across our government and around the world to identify and disrupt the money flows supporting terrorist organizations, including ISIL. We work closely with the United Nations and partner countries to block sources of funding to terrorists. To date, we have helped sanction through the UN, 233 individuals associated with Al-Qaida and ISIL and 71 entities and groups.

Ambassador Tony Wayne, Mexico: American diplomats take risks on a daily basis on behalf of the American people. The Embassy and nine consulate teams spread throughout Mexico that I oversee are actively involved in promoting prosperity and ensuring security for our citizens. We promote trade and travel and educational exchanges, and we join the fight against organized crime and violence. We don’t shy away from hard tasks, and gladly take risks to keep the U.S. safe and prosperous.

DS Agent, Robert Baggett, Iraq service: America leads the global fight against violent extremism. I served America by reaching out to Iraqi children, through sports, in cities that were vulnerable to terrorism and poverty. Sports Diplomacy transcends boundaries. During my tour in Baghdad, I and other embassy personnel taught taekwondo to Iraqi youth and instilled the sport’s values of loyalty, perseverance, nonviolence and respect and helped focus their energy towards their positive development.”

QDDR Theme: Advancing Inclusive Economic Growth

Ambassador Deborah McCarthy, Lithuania: As Diplomats we advocate for American businesses abroad and encourage foreign investors to invest in America. Jobs diplomacy is a big part of our work. Since 2009, we have created 11.3 million new jobs.

Michael Tracton, Civil Service, EB, 20s: I serve America by educating U.S. businesses on countries’ investment climates. My team and I also negotiate treaties to deepen our investment relationships, and to ensure Americans can invest abroad securely and with confidence. Investment drives economic growth and creates jobs – around the globe, and here in America.

QDDR Theme: Climate Change

Ambassador Bob Blake, Indonesia: Hello, I’m Bob Blake from the state of Maryland and I’m the US Ambassador to Indonesia. Here, I serve our country by raising awareness on climate change issues with the government and private sector to reduce deforestation, cut greenhouse gas emissions, and protects biodiversity in Indonesia - the 3rd largest democracy and 4th most populous county in the world.

QDDR Theme: Promoting Innovation; Taking Risks; Harnessing Knowledge, Data and Technology

USAID Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance, Director Jeremy Konyndyk: The U.S. Government leadership has been vital in the global fight to defeat Ebola in West Africa. USAID has led the U.S. response, coordinating a whole of government effort involving our military, the CDC, our embassies, and the U.S. public health service. We’ve partnered with regional governments, NGOs, the African Union and the U.N. to mobilize more than ten thousand civilian responders to fight the outbreak, and we have flown in hundreds of tons of vital supplies. This effort is delivering real results, driving down Ebola case rates by more than 90 percent, and protecting the homeland in the process.

QDDR Theme: Risk/Innovation

Mahvash Siddiqui, Foreign Service officer: American diplomats take risks while serving our country. We need to respond with agility when faced with a high threat. When ISIL attacked Iraqi dams last year, I had to quickly adapt from being the Embassy’s science and technology officer to becoming the Mission’s water-security expert. The US Military sought my guidance to recapture Mosul dam—which was critical to Iraqi national security and our Mission in Iraq.

QDDR Theme: Investing in a skilled, diverse workforce that is ready to lead.

QDDR Theme: Taking Care of our People

Mirembe Nantongo, Director, Human Resources: America leads in Diplomacy in large part because of its diversity. Given the vast array of 21st century challenges, the diverse backgrounds and cultures of the American diplomatic corps add tremendous value to furthering American foreign policy abroad. The HR team works hard to recruit and maintain a diverse workforce, and I am proud to be part of it.

Secretary Kerry closing remarks: So this is a review of how we’ve been doing things, but it’s also a preview of what State and USAID need to do in order to put the United States of America in the strongest position to face the challenges and seize the opportunities of tomorrow. This is what we owe to the American people.