Glossary of Acronyms

FY 2007 Financial Report
Bureau of Resource Management
November 2007



AFR — Agency Financial Report

Appendix A — (Refers to) OMB Circular A-136, Appendix A

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CFMS — Central Financial Management System

CFO — Chief Financial Officer

CIF — Capital Investment Fund

COTS — Commercial Off-The-Shelf

CSRS — Civil Service Retirement System

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D&CP — Diplomatic and Consular Programs

DG — Director General of the Foreign Service

DOD — Department of Defense

DOL — Department of Labor

DOS — U.S. Department of State

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ECE — Economic Commission for Europe

EFT — Electronic Funds Transfer

ESCM — Embassy Security, Construction, Maintenance Appropriation

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FAA — Federal Aviation Agency

FASAB — Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board

FECA — Federal Employees Compensation Act

FEGLIP — Federal Employees Life Insurance Program

FEHB — Federal Employees Health Benefits Program

FERS — Federal Employees Retirement System

FFMIA — Federal Financial Management Improvement Act

FISMA — Federal Information Security Act

FMFIA — Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act

FSC — Financial Services Center

FSN — Foreign Service Nationals

FSNDCF — Foreign Service National Defined Contributions Retirement Fund

FSNSLTF — Foreign Service National Separation

FSRDF — Foreign Service Retirement and Disability Fund

FSRDS — Foreign Service Retirement and Disability System

FSPS — Foreign Service Pension System

FTE — Full Time Employee

FWCB — Federal Workers Compensation Benefits

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G-8 — Group of Eight (major industrialized nations)

GAAP — Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

GAO — Government Accountability Office

GFMS — Global Financial Management System

GFS — Global Financial Services

GMRA — Government Management Reform Act

GPRA — Government Performance and Results Act

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HHS — Department of Health and Human Services

HR — Bureau of Human Resources (DoS)

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IBWC — International Boundary and Water Commission

ICASS — International Cooperative Administrative Support Services (DoS)

ICOFR — Internal Control Over Financial Reporting

IG — Inspector General

IIP — Bureau of International Information Programs (DoS)

ILMS — Integrated Logistics Management System

INL — Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (DoS)

IPIA — Improper Payments Information Act

ISP — Information Security Program

IT — Information Technology

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JAMS — Joint Assistance Management System

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LE — Locally Employed

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MCA — Managerial Cost Accounting

MCSC — Management Control Steering Committee

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OIG — Office of Inspector General

OMB — Office of Management and Budget

OPM — Office of Personnel Management

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P&F — Program and Financing Schedule

PART — Program Assessment Rating Tool

PEPFAR — President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief

PMA — President's Management Agenda

PMS — Payment Management System (HHS)

PP&E — Property, Plant and Equipment

PSC — Personal Service Contractor

PSU — Post Support Unit

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RCSO — Regional Computer Security Officer

RM — Bureau of Resource Management (DoS)

RSI — Required Supplementary Information

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SAT — Senior Assessment Team (FMFIA)

S/CRS — Office of the Coordinator for Reconstruction and Stabilization (DoS)

SFFAS — Statements of Federal Financial Accounting Standards

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UDO — Undelivered Orders

UN — United Nations

USAID — United States Agency of International Development

USG — U.S. Government

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WCF — Working Capital Fund

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