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FY 2007 Financial Report
Bureau of Resource Management
November 2007

The Foreign Service and the Civil Service in the Department of State and U.S. missions abroad represent the American people. They work together to achieve the goals and implement the initiatives of American foreign policy. The Foreign Service is a corps of over 11,000 employees who are dedicated to representing America and to responding to the needs of American citizens living and traveling around the world. They are also America's first line of defense in a complex and often dangerous world. A Foreign Service career is a way of life that requires uncommon commitment. It offers unique rewards, opportunities, and sometimes hardships. Members of the Foreign Service can be sent to any embassy, consulate, or other diplomatic mission anywhere in the world, at any time, to serve the diplomatic needs of the United States.

The Department's Civil Service corps, totaling over 8,000 employees, provides continuity and expertise in accomplishing all aspects of the Department's mission. Civil Service officers, most of whom are headquartered in Washington, D.C., are involved in virtually every policy area of the Department - from democracy and human rights to narcotics control, trade, and environmental issues. They are also the domestic counterpart to consular officers abroad, issuing passports and assisting U.S. citizens overseas. Foreign Service National (host country) employees contribute to advancing the work of the Department overseas. These essential employees contribute local expertise and provide continuity as they work with their American colleagues to perform vital services for U.S. citizens

The tables below show the distribution of the Department's workforce by employment category and location.

Workforce Composition: Full-time Permanent Employees
As of September 30, 2007
Service Type Percentage of Workforce
Civil Service 31%
Foreign Service 41%
Foreign Service National 28%
Workforce Location: Full-time Permanent Employees
As of September 30, 2007
Location Percentage of Workforce
Overseas 56%
Domestic 44%


Since FY 1998, the total number of employees at the Department has increased by 36%, with the greatest increase shown in the Department's Civil Service staff (70%). The Foreign Service staff and the Foreign Service National staff have increased by 48% and 2%, respectively, over the past decade. This expansion reflects the Department's increased emphasis on security, public diplomacy, counterterrorism, and management reforms.

Summary of Full-time Permanent EmployeesRead Footnote 11
Service Type FY 1998 FY 1999 FY 2000Read Footnote 22 FY 2001 FY 2002 FY 2003 FY 2004 FY 2005 FY 2006 FY 2007
Civil Service 5,165 5,498 6,486 6,590 6,999 7,731 7,831 8,092 8,270 8,784
Foreign Service 7,769 8,169 9,023 9,162 9,931 10,579 10,988 11,238 11,397 11,467
Foreign Service Nationals 7,637 7,192 9,730 9,852 9,526 9,897 8,419 8,964 8,189 7,802
Total 20,571 20,859 25,239 25,604 26,456 28,207 27,238 28,294 27,856 28,053


  1. These numbers do not include FSNs employed under personal service agreements or as personal service contractors. (back to text)
  2. Reflects integration of employees of the United States Information Agency (USIA) and the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency (ACDA). (back to text)



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