Text Version of Organization Chart for the United States Department of State

FY 2005 Performance and Accountability Report
Bureau of Resource Management
November 2005


1. Secretary of State

1.1. United States Agency for International Development

1.2. United States Representative to the United Nations

2. Deputy Secretary of State

2.1. Chief of Staff

2.2. Executive Secretariat

2.3. Under Secretary for Political Affairs

2.3.1. African Affairs
2.3.2. European and Eurasian Affairs
2.3.3. Near Eastern Affairs
2.3.4. Western Hemisphere Affairs
2.3.5. East Asian and Pacific Affairs
2.3.6. South Asian Affairs
2.3.7. International Organizations
2.3.8. International Narcotics and Law Enforcement

2.4. Under Secretary for Economic, Business and Agricultural Affairs

2.4.1. Economic and Business Affairs

2.5. Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security Affairs

2.5.1. International Security and Nonproliferation
2.5.2. Political-Military Affairs
2.5.3. Verification and Compliance

2.6. Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs

2.6.1. Educational and Cultural Affairs
2.6.2. Public Affairs
2.6.3. International Information Programs

2.7. Under Secretary for Management

2.7.1. Offices of Rightsizing, Management Policy
2.7.2. Administration
2.7.3. Diplomatic Security and Foreign Missions
2.7.4. Information Resource Management
2.7.5. Foreign Service Institute
2.7.6. Office of White House Liaison
2.7.7. Consular Affairs
2.7.8. Human Resources
2.7.9. Overseas Buildings Operations
2.7.10. Medical Services
2.7.11. Working collaboration with Resource Management

2.8. Under Secretary for Democracy and Global Affairs

2.8.1. Democracy, Human Rights and Labor
2.8.2. Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs
2.8.3. Population, Refugees and Migration

2.9. Inspector General

2.10. Policy Planning Staff

2.11. Office of Civil Rights

2.12. Legal Adviser

2.14. Legislative Affairs

2.15. Intelligence and Research

2.16. Resource Management

2.16.1. Working collaboration with Under Secretary for Management

2.17. Chief of Protocol

2.18. Counterterrorism

2.19. Coordinator for Reconstruction and Stabilization

2.20. Counselor

2.21. Global AIDS Coordinator


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