OMB PART Summaries for FY 2004 Budget Year by Strategic Goal - Strategic Goal 11: Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs

FY 2003 Performance and Accountability Report
Bureau of Resource Management
December 2003

Title or Topic Educational Exchanges in Near East Asia and South Asia
Evaluator Office of Management and Budget Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART)
Department Contact Ted Knicker, Chief, Evaluation Section, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs
Scores and Ratings
  • FY 2004: Results Not Demonstrated
  • FY 2005: Effective
Major Findings/ Recommendations
  • Program needs to strengthen Strategic Planning by taking the following actions: 1. Set long-term goals relative to baseline, 2. Clearly define targets and timeframes for which to measure annual progress, 3. Create regional long-term goals, 4. Tailor its planning by regional/ country to effectively reach target audiences.
Major Actions Taken or That Will be Taken
  • Department to provide proposed performance measures and goals as well as a proposed planning process to OMB for review.
  • Long-term and annual goals are set to established baselines, targets and timeframes now included in performance indicators.
  • Regional goals established through coordination with regional bureaus.
  • Program planning tailored by region/ country and target audience.
  • Partnerships for learning initiative launched.
  • Performance measurement system, based on PART recommendations in development, FY 2003 pilot testing includes NEA and SA exchanges.
  • The Department hired an exchanges coordinator, started an exchange working group, and hired a Middle East Initiatives evaluation officer.
PART Performance Measures

Long Term Measure:

  • South Asia: Improve US and South Asian democracy, education and development efforts by increasing engagement with important Muslim populations so that these populations better understand US society and values.
  • Near East Asia: Engender more positive attitudes toward and understanding of the United States and its democratic values and foster the healthy exchange of ideas through expanded exchanges with Arab youth.

Annual Measure:

  • Increase the annual number of participants from Near East Asia and South Asia.
  • The percentage of NEA and SA participants who increase or change their understanding of the host country immediately following their program experience.