OMB PART Summaries for FY 2004 Budget Year by Strategic Goal - Strategic Goal 2: Counterterrorism

FY 2003 Performance and Accountability Report
Bureau of Resource Management
December 2003

Strategic Goal 2: Counterterrorism
Title or Topic Anti-terrorism Assistance
Evaluator Office of Management and Budget Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART)
Department Contact Cofer Black, Assistant Secretary, Counterterrorism
Francis X. Taylor, Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Diplomatic Security
Scores and Ratings
  • FY 2004: Moderately Effective
  • FY 2005: Effective
Major Findings/ Recommendations
  • Long-term goals do not have performance indicators or other long-term targets.
Major Actions Taken or That Will be Taken
  • Establish long-term goals and targets
  • Establish measures to gauge progress towards long-term goals.
PART Performance Measures

Long-Term Measure:

  • Anti-terrorism capabilities of participant countries are sufficient to deter, detect, and counter terrorist organizations and threats in support of the Global War on Terrorism.
  • Strengthen bi-lateral ties of the U.S. with participating countries through engagement in counterterrorism policy development and coordination efforts and by providing anti-terrorism assistance.
  • Increase respect for human rights by sharing with civilian law enforcement authorities modern, humane and effective anti-terrorism techniques.

Annual Measure:

  • Number of planned anti-terrorism courses.
  • Number of program reviews conducted to ensure that skills taught continue to be retained and used after training is completed.