Completed Program Evaluations for FY 2003 - Strategic Goal 5: International Crime and Drugs

FY 2003 Performance and Accountability Report
Bureau of Resource Management
December 2003

Title or Topic Drug Control - Specific Performance Measures and Long-Term Costs for US Programs in Colombia Have Not Been Developed (GAO-03-783)
Evaluator U.S. General Accounting Office
Department Contact Thomas Martin, Director, Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement
Major Findings
  • Colombia is a long term ally facing a long term insurgency and insurgent links to illicit drug trade. Neither COLAR nor Colombian National Police have the capacity to manage ongoing counternarcotics programs without continued US funding and support. Colombia with limited resources will need US assistance for the foreseeable future. Departments of State and Defense have not developed estimates of future program costs, defined their future roles in Colombia, identified an end state or determined how to do it.
Major Recommendations
  • The Secretary of State, in consultation with Secretary of Defense, must establish clear objectives for the program to the COLAR and Colombian National Police and estimate future funding requirements for US support. There should be performance measures, clear roles for US personnel and contractors and a time line for achieving our goals.
Major Actions Taken or That Will be Taken
  • State concurred and will do a comprehensive review of US programs with COLAR and Colombian National Police and will address these key recommendations. This effort will begin with the FY 2005 appropriation cycle. Defense would work with State and collect information to measure progress.
Expected Result
  • It is expected that this review will produce the estimates for program costs defined roles and defined end state that will comply with GAO requests.