Note 17. Unexpended Appropriations

FY 2003 Performance and Accountability Report
Bureau of Resource Management
December 2003

Unexpended Appropriations include the amount of unobligated appropriations and undelivered orders outstanding for Congressional appropriations provided to the Department. As these accounts incur obligations, the available balance of the appropriation is reduced.

Unobligated balances are the amount of appropriations or other authority that remains after deducting cumulative obligations. The unobligated balance is classified as unavailable for all expired accounts and for amounts appropriated subject to certain conditions. Undelivered orders represent the amount of obligations incurred for goods or services ordered but not yet received. Unexpended Appropriations at September 30, 2003 and 2002, are summarized below (Dollars in Thousands).


Unexpended Appropriations
at September 30, 2003 and 2002
(Dollars in Thousands)
Unexpended Appropriations: 2003 2002
(1) Unobligated    

(a) Available

$1,880,494 $1,692,029

(b) Unavailable

   261,713    404,026
(2) Undelivered Orders  6,394,100
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