Strategic Goal 11: Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs - Performance Results for Performance Goal 3

FY 2003 Performance and Accountability Report
Bureau of Resource Management
December 2003


Basic human values embraced by Americans are respected and understood by global publics and institutions



Enhance and build on current communications outreach strategies; educate global publics on American human values, policies, and leadership in order to promote a positive image of the U.S. abroad.


Indicator #1: Targeted Publics Receive Intended Message

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FY 2003
2003 Results


  • hi Magazine: The first three editions (totaling 150,000 copies) of "hi" magazine, in Arabic, were issued and distributed throughout the Middle East. Production deadlines met.
  • American Corners: Established 23 new American Corners. There are now 79 American Corners distributed as follows: EUR: 56; AF: 18; EAP: 4; SA - 1.
  • Persian Website: The U.S. has no official presence in Iran, so the USINFO Persian website serves as a virtual Embassy and cultural center for thousands of Iranians who have access to the Internet but do not read English.
Target Evidence shows that information provided has reached intended user.
Rating On Target

hi Magazine:

  • Initial Arab media reviews of the new magazine are on balance positive. A columnist for Al Hayat - a leading pan-Arabian paper says the following about hi: "Its publication reflects an American determination to reach the Arab man in the street. No doubt, this is an American investment in the future. The results will not be felt for years to come, when the young generation that is the target of this American message assumes responsibilities in their own countries".

American Corners:

  • In Russia, An American Corner hosted by the Russian Parliamentary Library, was recruited to help Duma staff members find accurate information about the United States. In Indonesia, where there are a few public libraries and materials about the U.S. are hard to find, Indonesian universities are asking for American Corners to help tell Indonesian young people America's story.

Persian Website:

  • In the few months since the Department's website in Persian was launched in May 2003, the site has 2,000 viewers daily. Iranian journalists monitor the site and several articles published in Iranian media have been based on material only available on the site.