Strategic Goal 10: Humanitarian Response - Program Evaluations and PART Reviews

FY 2003 Performance and Accountability Report
Bureau of Resource Management
December 2003

VIII. Program Evaluations and PART Reviews

Two program evaluations and two OMB PART reviews for the FY 2004 budget process were conducted in FY 2003 that pertained to this Strategic Goal.

1) Humanitarian Assistance: Protecting Refugee Women and Girls Remains a Significant Challenge, (GAO-03-663)

2) Integrated Mine Action Services (IMAS) Contract (AUD/PPA-03), (OIG)

3) Refugee Admissions to the U.S., (OMB PART)

4) Humanitarian Migrants to Israel, OMB PART)

Detailed information on major findings, recommendations, actions to be taken on the program evaluations, and the PART reviews can be found in the "OMB PART Summaries" and the "Completed Program Evaluations for FY 2003" appendices.