Strategic Goal 10: Humanitarian Response - Performance Results for Performance Goal 2

FY 2003 Performance and Accountability Report
Bureau of Resource Management
December 2003


Improved capacity of host countries and the international community to reduce vulnerabilities to disasters and anticipate and respond to humanitarian emergencies




Indicator #1: Status of Global Disaster Information Network (GDIN)

FY Results History 2000 Partners reported that GDIN products and services were timely and valuable tools worth further investment.
2001 Attempts were made to obtain information-sharing agreements among data-sharing partners.
2002 The GDIN community agreed on a new approach to set up five specific services in the 2002-2004 time frame.

GDIN membership agreed to establish a 501(c)(3) funding mechanism and to retain the rest of the project as an unincorporated partnership until 2004.
FY 2003
2003 Results GDIN operations center not established, but a blueprint for an operations center has been created.
Target Establish a GDIN operations center.
Rating Slightly Below Target
  • The establishment of the GDIN operations center will be delayed by at least a year.

    An Operations Center facilitates the expeditious flow of disaster-related information to regions with poor disaster infrastructure. The delay in establishing the operations center results in the target regions not having an efficient method of sharing such information, a basic public safety issue.
Other Issues
  • The performance shortfall is primarily due to the delay in the GDIN 2003 conference, where this issue was to be discussed. The Conference was delayed due to security concerns.
  • Establishment of the GDIN operations center will be discussed at the GDIN 2004 Conference scheduled for March 2004. Planning for that conference is on track.
  • Beginning in FY 2004, the Department will no longer report on this indicator. Its validity as a measure of the Department's efforts and performance in this area is limited. USAID, as the primary agency responsible for this performance goal, has developed specific FY 2004 goals and targets.