Strategic Goal 8: Economic Prosperity and Security - Performance Results for Performance Goal 1

FY 2003 Performance and Accountability Report
Bureau of Resource Management
December 2003

VII. Performance Results


Institutions, laws, and policies foster private sector growth, macroeconomic stability, and poverty reduction



Devise coherent country, regional, and global development strategies to ensure bilateral and multilateral development assistance advances economic stability/integration in the global economy.


Indicator #1: Average Developing Country Growth Competitiveness Index

FY Results History 2000 Baseline: 4.78
2001 4.81
2002 Data not yet available; expected in July 2004.
FY 2003
2003 Results Data not yet available.
Target Increase in average Growth Competitiveness Index.
Rating N/A
Impact N/A


Indicator #2: The Millennium Challenge Account (MCA)

FY Results History 2000 N/A
2001 N/A
2002 Baseline: The President announced the MCA. Agreement on indicators for MCA allocation.
FY 2003
2003 Results Onset of program is delayed until Congressional action.
Target Obtain Congressional support and legislative authorization for the MCA. Choose countries for initial MCA funding and establish an administrative mechanism.
Rating Significantly Below Target
Impact Congressional delay on passage of authorizing and implementing legislation for the MCA has prevented funding and staffing of the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), the entity tasked with making the MCA operational. However Congress is expected to pass necessary legislation by January 2004 and the Administration has made plans for MCC to be fully functional shortly thereafter. Target should be reached in the first half of FY 2004.
Other Issues Reason for Significant Performance Target Shortfall: Congress did not enact authorizing and implementing legislation for MCA in FY 2003, thus delaying initiation of the MCA program. The Department worked closely with congressional members and staff on the MCA concept so as to enable passage by January 2004. The Department has also worked to ensure a quick start-up of the MCC once legislation has passed.