Strategic Goal 6: American Citizens - Public Benefit, Selected Performance Trends, and Strategic Context

FY 2003 Performance and Accountability Report
Bureau of Resource Management
December 2003

I. Public Benefit

Photo showing an American passport on top of a map.

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The Department has no more vital responsibility than the protection of American citizens. Approximately 3.2 million Americans reside abroad, and Americans make about 60 million trips outside the United States each year. The Department issues a passport that gives Americans the freedom to travel internationally and is a symbol of the protection that the USG provides its citizens.

U.S. embassies and consulates provide a range of services that protect U.S. citizens from the cradle to the grave. The Department must plan for the unexpected and be prepared to respond to crises abroad, transportation disasters, and other situations in which U.S. citizens need assistance, including incidents of terrorism and other serious crimes such as hostage taking, homicide, assault, domestic violence, child abuse, and international parental child abduction. The Department ensures that host governments take steps to protect Americans from crime and unrest; develop effective investigative, prosecutorial, and other judicial capabilities to respond to American victims of crime; and expand their cooperation and information sharing with the United States in order to prevent terrorist attacks on U.S. citizens. The Department also works with foreign governments, other USG agencies, and international organizations on transportation security initiatives.

To alert Americans to conditions that may affect safety and travel abroad, the Department disseminates threat assessments to posts abroad and announcements to the public as quickly as possible using all available means. The Department uses its websites and its Consular Information Program to inform U.S. private sector interests of security-related issues. The Department uses threat information and security expertise overseas to protect their personnel, property, proprietary information, and other assets. The Department is making its websites increasingly accessible and interactive and encourages the traveling American public to register with posts abroad.

II. Selected Performance Trends

Percentage of Consular Information Sheets Revised on an Annual Basis
  Result Target
2000 2001 2002 2003 2003
Revisions 64% 76% 86% 85% 100%


Number of U.S. Passports Issued
(Per Fiscal Year, in Millions)
  1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003
Passports Issued 5.5 6.3 6.5 6.7 7.3 7.0 7.1 7.3


III. Strategic Context

The American Citizens strategic goal is supported by two performance goals. Shown below are the performance goals, initiatives/programs, bureaus and partners that contribute to accomplishment of the strategic goal.

(Components that Contribute to Goal Accomplishment)
Performance Goal
(Short Title)
Initiative/Program Lead Bureau(s) External Partners
Assistance for U.S. Citizens Abroad American Citizen Services Consular Affairs DOJ, DOD, HHS, DOT; NCMEC, other NGOs
Passport Issuance and Integrity Secure Passport Issuance

Consular Affairs