Introduction to the Performance Section

FY 2003 Performance and Accountability Report
Bureau of Resource Management
December 2003

In FY 2003, the Department accomplished its mission through twelve strategic goals that articulate long-term outcomes and thirty-eight performance goals that represent shorter-term outcomes and priorities. Performance goals include specific targets designed to achieve specific performance results within a given fiscal year.

The Performance Section of the report is composed of chapters for each strategic goal organized in the following eight sub-sections:

Sub-sections Used for Strategic Goal Performance Analysis
Sub-Section Purpose
Public Benefit A concise narrative describing how pursuit of the goal benefits America and the world.
Selected Performance Trends Graphs that show key performance trends specific to each goal.
Strategic Context A table depicting the various components (programs, lead bureaus and external partners) that contributes to accomplishment of a given goal.
Performance Summary A graphic summary of results achieved for a goal showing both this year's and last year's results.
Resources Invested A summary of resources (dollars and people) devoted to pursuit of the goal for both the current reporting period (FY 2003) and the previous reporting period (FY 2002). The results chart and resource investment are shown on a single page so as to provide the reader with a concise snapshot of performance and resources as related to a given strategic goal.
Illustrative Example An example of a key FY 2003 achievement that is typical of the Department's work in support of the goal.
Performance Results Results history/trend, together with the current rating and a short impact statement pertaining to each of the FY 2003 results achieved.
Program Evaluations and
PART Reviews
Summaries of evaluations and reviews conducted on the programs cirtical to activities related to a given strategic goal.

The table below shows the percentage of results attained that were equal to or above the "on target" rating for each strategic goal. The greater the percentage of results equal to or greater than the on target rating, the better.

Percentage of Results Equal to or Above the "On Target" Rating
Strategic Goal
(Number of FY 2003 Reported Results)
FY 2002 FY 2003 Percentage Point Change
Regional Stability (8) 56% 75% 19%
Counterterrorism (13) 100% 77% (23%)
Homeland Security (10) 50% 90% 40%
Weapons of Mass Destruction (20) 81% 88% 7%
International Crime and Drugs (17) 69% 100% 31%
American Citizens (5) 75% 80% 5%
Democracy and Human Rights (11) 29% 80% 51%
Economic Prosperity and Security (11) 59% 90% 31%
Social and Environmental Issues (18) 76% 89% 13%
Humanitarian Response (8) 63% 75% 12%
Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs (10) 100% 100% 0
Management and Organizational Excellence (40) 80% 84% 4%