Future Performance Reporting Improvements

FY 2003 Performance and Accountability Report
Bureau of Resource Management
December 2003

Two Major Improvements Planned

The FY 2004 Performance and Accountability Report (PAR) will reflect two major improvements.

1) Target Weighting: Using the PAR, the Department defines success in the form of performance results as compared to targets. This year, there are more than 170 separate targets distributed throughout each of the thirty-eight performance goals each having equal weight. When developing the FY 2004 Plan last year, program managers defined the relative importance of each target in terms of its criticality to accomplishment of the corresponding performance goal. Next year, when the Department publishes the FY 2004 PAR, this information will enable the identification of those reported results which are of greater or lesser importance or value.

With this information, the Department's leadership will be able to assess, for each target, not only how well the results matched up against the targets, but how important these results are in the greater scheme of its policy and operational priorities. This will provide an additional tool to better allocate resources and assess results based on program importance.

2) Verification and Validation: Next year, program managers may be required to provide verification and validation "scores" for each of their results. Using standardized checklists currently being developed, managers will analyze each result in terms of specific verification and validation criteria. Based on how well a given result meets the criteria, a high or low verification or validation score would be assigned.

Verification and Validation of Performance Information

Congress and OMB have requested that Offices of Inspector General play a central role in the verification and validation of their respective agency's performance measures. OIG has established a performance goal to evaluate the Department's progress in measuring performance and implementing the President's Management Agenda, and currently reviews applicable and relevant performance measures in the course of its audits and evaluations. OIG will consult with the Department in identifying key measures to be verified and validated, as resources and competing priorities permit, in order to complement and avoid duplicating the Department's own verification and validation efforts. Priority will be given to performance measures related to achieving the President's Management Agenda initiatives, programs being assessed by OMB's Program Assessment Rating Tool, and areas identified by OIG as serious management and performance challenges.