Department of State Strategic Objectives and Strategic Goals

FY 2003 Performance and Accountability Report
Bureau of Resource Management
December 2003

- Achieve Peace and Security -
Strategic Goal Title Strategic Goal Description
Regional Stability Avert and resolve local and regional conflicts to preserve peace and minimize harm to the national interests of the United States.
Counterterrorism Prevent attacks against the United States, our allies, and our friends, and strengthen alliances and international arrangements to defeat global terrorism.
Homeland Security Protect the homeland by enhancing the security of our borders and infrastructure.
Weapons of Mass Destruction Reduce the threat of weapons of mass destruction to the United States, our allies, and our friends.
International Crime and Drugs Minimize the impact of international crime and illegal drugs on the United States and its citizens.
American Citizens Assist American citizens to travel, conduct business, and live abroad securely.
- Advance Sustainable Development and Global Interests -
Strategic Goal Title Strategic Goal Description
Democracy and Human Rights Advance the growth of democracy and good governance, including civil society, the rule of law, respect for human rights, and religious freedom.
Economic Prosperity and Security Strengthen world economic growth, development, and stability, while expanding opportunities for U.S. businesses and ensuring economic security for the nation.
Social and Environmental Issues Improve health, education, environment, and other conditions for the global population.
Humanitarian Response Minimize the human costs of displacement, conflicts, and natural disasters.
- Promote International Understanding -
Strategic Goal Title Strategic Goal Description
Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs Increase understanding for American values, policies, and initiatives to create a receptive international environment.
- Strengthen Diplomatic and Program Capabilities -
Strategic Goal Title Strategic Goal Description
Management and Organizational Excellence Ensure a high quality workforce supported by modern and secure infrastructure and operational capabilities.