Directory of Key Officials and Senior Management

Colin L. Powell
Secretary of State

Richard L. Armitage
Deputy Secretary of State

John D. Negroponte
United States Permanent Representative to the United Nations

Larry Wilkerson
Chief of Staff

Karl W. Hofmann
Executive Secretariat

Richard Haass
Policy Planning Staff

Christopher B. Burnham
Chief Financial Officer


William H. Taft, IV
Legal Adviser

Clark Kent Ervin
Inspector General

Barbara S. Pope
Office of Civil Rights

Paul V. Kelly
Bureau of Legislative Affairs

Carl W. Ford, JR.
Bureau of Intelligence and Research

Donald B. Ensenat
Office of Protocol

J. Cofer Black
Coordinator for Counterterrorism

Pierre R. Prosper
Office of War Crimes Issues

Counselor - Vacant

Arms Control and International Security
John R. Bolton
Under Secretary
Grant S. Green
Under Secretary
  • Bureau of Arms Control-Stephen G. Rademaker
  • Bureau of Political Military Affairs-Lincoln p. Bloomfield, JR.
  • Bureau of Non-Proliferation - John Stern Wolf
  • Bureau of Verification and Compliance - Paula A DeSutter
  • Director General of Foreign Service and Director of Personnel-Ruth Davis
  • Bureau of Administration - William A. Eaton
  • Bureau of Consular Affairs-Maura Harty
  • Bureau of Diplomatic Security - Francis X. Taylor
  • Overseas Building Operations - Charles E. Williams
  • Bureau of Information Resource Management, Chief Information Officer - Bruce Morrison, Acting
  • Foreign Service Institute - Katherine H. Peterson
Economic, Business and Agricultural Affairs

Alan P. Larson

  • Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs - E. Anthony Wayne
Global Affairs
Political Affairs

Paula J. Dobriansky
Under Secretary

  • Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor - Lorne W. Craner
  • Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs- Paul Simons, Acting
  • Bureau of Oceans and Environmental and Scientific Affairs - John F. Turner
  • Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration - Arthur E. Dewey

Marc Grossman
Under Secretary

  • Bureau of African Affairs - Walter H. Kansteiner, III
  • Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs - James A. Kelly
  • Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs - A. Elizabeth Jones
  • Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs - William J. Burns
  • Bureau of South Asian Affairs - Christina B. Rocca
  • Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs - J. Curtis Struble, Acting
  • Bureau of International Organizational Affairs - Kim R. Holmes
Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs
  Charlotte Beers
Under Secretary
  • Bureau of Public Affairs - Richard A. Boucher
  • Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs - Patricia De Stacy Harrison
  • Office of International Information Programs - Stuart Holliday