2010 Conference on Program Evaluation - Proceedings

Plenary Sessions

Video Message from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Remarks by Dr. Ruth Levine, USAID
Keynote Address: Senator Chuck Hagel
Foreign Media Panel
Remarks by Dr. Shelley Metzenbaum, Office of Management and Budget
Foreign Ministry Panel

Workshop Sessions

Democracy and Governance Track --
Workshop on Mega Communities: Exploring a New Paradigm for Diplomacy and Development Evaluation
Workshop on Evaluating Good Governance and Rule of Law Programs
Workshop on Improving Democracy and Governance Programs Through Better Evaluation: The Impact Evaluation of USAID's Merida Initiative in Central America
Workshop on Best Practices for Evaluating State Department Assistance Programs Overseas

Anti-Terrorism Track --
Workshop on A Social Science Approach to Strategic Influence Evaluation: Good Evaluation Starts at the Beginning
Workshop on Evaluation's Role in Informing the Design of Anti-Terrorism Assistance Programs

Gender and Evaluation Track --
Workshop on Evaluating Gender in U.S. Foreign Policy

Evaluating Partnerships Track --
Workshop on Implementation of Paris Declaration by USG Foreign Assistance Organizations
Workshop on Strategies to Improve the Effectiveness of Evaluation of Nonprofit Social Service Providers
Workshop on Smart Power - Integrating and Evaluating the Instruments of National Power
Workshop on Measuring by Learning in Peacebuilding

Science, Technology, Trade Track --
Workshop on Trade Capacity Building Since the Launch of Doha Negotiations: A Systematic Model for Monitoring and Evaluation
Workshop on Addressing Public Diplomacy Through International Scientific Collaboration Efforts
Workshop on Value of Program Evaluation: Case Studies
Workshop on Evaluation Processes that Facilitate Knowledge Transfer and Aid Transparency: Case Studies of DOL-Funded Projects in Sub-Saharan Africa

Health Track --
Workshop on Validation of a Measure of Household Hunger for Cross-Cultural Use
Workshop on The President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief: Implementation Science Program

Cultural Diplomacy Track --
Workshop on "What They Said About Us When We Asked": Opinions of Americans After Working with Peace Corps Volunteers
Workshop on Electronic Media Engagement

Methods Track --
Workshop on A Retrospective on Evaluation in the U.S. Federal Public Sector
Workshop on The "Gold Standard" Debate

Programs Track --
Workshop on U.S. Speaker and Specialists Program Evaluation
Workshop on Experience Conducting Evaluation Assessments of Anti-Trafficking Programs