Remarks With Kazakh Foreign Minister Saudabayev

James B. Steinberg
Deputy Secretary of State
Almaty, Kazakhstan
July 16, 2010

Minister Saudabayev: I’d like to state, and for the media presence here, to thank you hugely for your support that you have shown us in the conference for our [inaudible] and for the proposal [inaudible] OSCE Summit. I think [inaudible] also from [the formation] of the growing strategic partnership between our two countries which continues to grow.

I would like to welcome you again not only as the Deputy Secretary of State of the United States, but also as a scholar in a well known position. I‘m looking forward to this very intense two days of discussions and consultations.

There is more work to do together to advance the OSCE and in security and cooperation. It’s a huge area of responsibility that this organization has. Thank you especially for coming to this meeting straight from the airport, after such a long way from the United States. I am very grateful for that.

Deputy Secretary Steinberg: It’s a great privilege and honor for me to have a chance to continue our excellent discussions that we had both in Greece and in Washington. I think we’ll go forward on building on the very valuable conversations that President Nazerbayev and our President had in Washington, as well as your conversations with Secretary Clinton.

Our meeting today is a chance both to go out and strengthen our bilateral relationship as well as to discuss important issues in terms of strengthening the capacity and the role of the OSCE.

Kazakhstan’s chairmanship of the OSCE comes at a very important time in which we see both great challenges and great opportunities.