Remarks Kazakh Foreign Minister Saudabayev Following Their Meeting

James B. Steinberg
Deputy Secretary of State
Almaty, , Kazakhstan
July 16, 2010

US Deputy Secretary Steinberg

Kazakh Foreign Minister Saudabayev

Friday, July 16, 2010

Minister Saudabayev: We have just completed our discussions with Deputy Secretary of State Mr. James Steinberg who leads the U.S. delegation for the formal OSCE Ministerial. We have been able to review some of the results of our cooperation, which was on a bilateral level, and Kazakhstan’s chairing the OSCE so far.

In terms of the bilateral relations, we were able to state that our relations are indeed growing across the board. The first six months of Kazakhstan’s chairmanship of the OSCE according to our colleagues have been successful.

Our cooperation in relation to the crisis in Kyrgyzstan has now resulted in, among other things, in an agreement to send an OSCE police advisory group to Kyrgyzstan. Of course one of the major issues that will be discussed at the OSCE Ministerial is reaching a consensus on holding an OSCE Summit. I am very grateful to Mr. Steinberg for a very constructive U.S. position on this which he has just now outlined.

Again, welcome Mr. Secretary and thank you for your firm and consistent support to Kazakhstan. Please.

Deputy Secretary Steinberg: Thank you very much, Minister, for this very [good meeting] that we’ve had this afternoon. We had a chance to cover a broad range of issues both concerning the efforts of Kazakhstan and its chairmanship of the OSCE and in our bilateral relations.

I’m particularly grateful for the leadership of the Minister and the government here for helping address the very urgent and serious situation in Kyrgyzstan. I think we both share a sense of urgency to take the steps that will prevent further unrest and instability there as well as to put the country back into a path of reconciliation.

I’m particularly grateful to the Minister for the efforts here to move forward on an agreement for the deployment of the Police Advisory Groups to Kyrgyzstan which I think will play a very important role in helping us move forward in a better direction.

I’m also grateful for the very productive work we’ve done in moving forward on strengthening our bilateral relationship and all the efforts that we’re doing together both to help deal with the situation in Afghanistan and build a more stable, hopeful future there, as well as our common effort to increase openness and transparency throughout the region, including here in Kazakhstan.

My visit here builds on the excellent meetings that President Nazarbayev and President Obama had in Washington as well as the extensive engagement between the Foreign Minister and my boss, Secretary Clinton, and I look forward to many many more productive exchanges in the future.

Thank you.

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