Remarks to the Media Following Meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso

James B. Steinberg
Deputy Secretary of State
Prime Minister's Official Residence
Tokyo, Japan
June 2, 2009

DEPUTY SECRETARY STEINBERG: I’ve just had an excellent discussion with the Prime Minister. We discussed our common concerns about the North Korean missile and nuclear program and how to work together along with the other members of the Six Party Talks to persuade North Korea to take a different approach and to return to the path of complete and verifiable denuclearization. I think the Prime Minister and we saw a common challenge and committed to work together very closely to consult very closely in the days ahead, both in connection with the discussions that are going on in New York at the Security Council and with our strategy going forward. And so I think it was a very useful and valuable discussion. I think the closeness between the United States and Japan remains critical to our success in dealing with this challenge and I was grateful to the Prime Minister and all members of his team for receiving our delegation.

QUESTION: So Mr. Steinberg, what do you mean “the consequence” you are saying that North Korea will eventually find from this nuclear test?

DEPUTY SECRETARY STEINBERG: I think that we’re having very productive discussions in New York about steps that we can take to build on Resolution 1718 and adopt a new resolution. I’ve heard a number of very creative ideas that we’re sharing with partners, that’s part of the purpose of our delegation here is to think about the options and what the alternatives are and we’re going from here to Seoul and then to Beijing to share ideas as well.

QUESTION: How do you urge China to take part in the active and unanimous UN resolution?

DEPUTY SECRETARY STEINBERG: I think from my reports from Ambassador Rice in New York, I think that the Chinese are very actively engaged in these discussions. They’ve had a number of good ideas of their own. We’re working very closely to try to find common ground on that and I think we’re going to come up with a good result in New York and I look forward to my efforts and conversations not only on the steps it will take in adopting a new resolution but how we’ll follow up with that afterwards. Thank you all very much.