2012 Deputy Secretary Remarks

12/20/12 Benghazi Attack, Part II: The Report of the Accountability Review Board; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Opening Remarks Before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs; Washington, DC
12/20/12 Benghazi: The Attack and the Lessons Learned; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Opening Remarks Before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations; Washington, DC
12/19/12 Remarks at Holiday Reception for the Diplomatic Corps; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Benjamin Franklin Room; Washington, DC
12/14/12 Global Counterterrorism Forum Plenary; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
12/14/12 U.S. Appreciation for the UAE Hosting the Global Counterterrorism Forum; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Emirates Palace Hotel; Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
12/13/12 Remarks at Forum for the Future; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Tunis, Tunisia
12/12/12 Press Availability at the 4th Ministerial of the Friends of the Syrian People Meeting; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Marrakech, Morocco
12/12/12 Remarks to the Friends of the Syrian People; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Marrakech, Morocco
12/08/12 Remarks at Manama Dialogue; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Manama, Bahrain
12/06/12 Roundtable with Journalists in Algiers; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Algiers, Algeria
12/04/12 Ceremony To Honor Winners of the SOSA and Tragen Awards; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Dean Acheson Auditorium; Washington, DC
11/14/12 Remarks at the State Department's Annual Award Ceremony; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Ben Franklin Room; Washington, DC
11/02/12 G-8 BMENA Sub-Ministerial; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Washington, DC
10/26/12 The United States and India: A Vital Partnership in a Changing World; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Center for American Progress; Washington, DC
10/23/12 Opening Statement for the Pathways to Prosperity Conference; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Cali, Colombia
10/19/12 Interview With Indian Media; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; New Delhi,, India
10/19/12 Remarks at the Indian Ministry of Finance; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; New Delhi, India
10/16/12 Interview With Chosun Ilbo and Kyunghyang Shinmun; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Mr. Lee Ha-won, Assistant Political Editor, Chosun Ilbo and Mr. Son Je-Min, Political News Reporter, Kyunghyang Shinmun; Seoul, South Korea
10/15/12 Media Roundtable in Tokyo, Japan; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; U.S. Embassy; Tokyo, Japan
10/15/12 U.S. Policy Priorities for the East Asia and the Pacific Region: Resolving Territory Disputes; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Tokyo, Japan
09/27/12 Intervention in the Friends of Yemen Ministerial; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Washington, DC
09/26/12 Interview With Al Jazeera; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Washington, DC
09/24/12 The Legacy of the M.S. Saint Louis; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; George Marshall Conference Center, Department of State; Washington, DC
09/20/12 Remarks at Ceremony Honoring Fallen Americans; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Tripoli, Libya
09/06/12 The Economic and Strategic Case for Extending PNTR to Russia; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; U.S. Chamber of Commerce; Washington, DC
07/31/12 Press Conference Following the U.S. Colombia High-Level Partnership Dialogue; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Bogota, Colombia
07/30/12 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Press Q&A at the Benjamin Franklin Library; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Mexico City, Mexico
07/25/12 Keynote Remarks at Global Diaspora Forum Science Diaspora Reception; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Great Hall, National Academy of Sciences; Washington, DC
07/14/12 Press Availability After Meeting With Libyan Prime Minister Elkeib; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Tripoli, Libya
07/13/12 Question & Answer Session in Beirut; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Beirut, Lebanon
07/13/12 Remarks to the Press; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Beirut, Lebanon
07/08/12 Remarks Following Meeting With Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Cairo, Egypt
06/27/12 Economic Diversity in the Caribbean; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Caribbean-American Heritage Event; Washington, DC
06/27/12 Remarks Congratulating 2011-2012 Transatlantic Diplomatic Exchange Fellows; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Washington, DC
06/26/12 Remarks at AFSA Awards Ceremony; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Remarks as Prepared for Delivery; Washington, DC
06/21/12 Remarks at the Naturalization Ceremony Commemorating World Refugee Day; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Ben Franklin Room, Department of State; Washington, DC
06/21/12 Russia's WTO Accession: Administration's Views on the Implications for the U.S.; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Testimony before the Senate Committee on Finance; Washington, DC
06/21/12 World Refugee Day; Benjamin Franklin Room; Washington, DC
06/20/12 Russia's Accession to the World Trade Organization and Granting Russia Permanent Normal Trade Relations; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Statement before the Ways and Means Committee of the United States House of Representatives; Washington, DC
06/14/12 Remarks at the "Heart of Asia" Ministerial; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Kabul, Afghanistan
06/13/12 Remarks at the Ceremony to Open the U.S. Consulate in Herat; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Herat, Afghanistan
06/08/12 Remarks on the 35th Anniversary of the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights & Labor; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Marshall Center Auditorium; Washington, DC
06/05/12 Closing Session of the U.S.-Nigeria Binational Commission; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; U.S. Institute of Peace; Washington, DC
06/04/12 Remarks at U.S.-Nigeria Binational Commission "A Rising Partnership"; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Washington, DC
05/22/12 Opening Remarks for Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Washington, DC
05/14/12 Remarks at the Tree Dedication in Honor of Raoul Wallenberg;  Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Stockholm, Sweden
05/10/12 South Africa Freedom Day; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Fairmont Hotel; Washington, DC
05/08/12 The Importance of the Americas to Our Shared Future; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Remarks to the Council of the Americas' 42nd Washington Conference on the Americas; Loy Henderson Auditorium, Washington, DC
04/24/12 Remarks at Eurasia Foundation Gala Dinner; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Mayflower Hotel; Washington, DC
03/01/12 Building a Deeper Partnership With Brazil; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Rio de Janiero, Brazil
02/19/12 Joint Press Availability with Foreign Minister of Croatia Vesna Pusic and Deputy Secretary of State Bill Burns; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Zagreb, Croatia
02/18/12 Statement on Bosnia and Herzegovina; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
02/18/12 Statement on Kosovo; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Pristina, Kosovo
02/17/12 Interview With Bojan Brkic of Radio Television of Serbia; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Belgrade, Serbia
02/16/12 Third Ministerial of the Paris Pact Initiative; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Hofburg Palace, Vienna, Austria
01/31/12 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Washington, DC
01/30/12 Remarks to Regional Journalists on the Margins of African Union Summit; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; U.S. Mission to the African Union - via Teleconference; Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
01/27/12 Remarks at Wagagai Flower Farm; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Entebbe, Uganda
01/26/12 Press Availability with Ghana President John Atta Mills; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Accra, Ghana
01/11/12 Interview With Lamis el Hadidi, CBC TV; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Cairo, Egypt
01/10/12 Interview With Anadolu News Agency; Deputy Secretary William J. Burns; Ankara, Turkey