Video Remarks on Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2016

Christopher Painter
Coordinator for Cyber Issues 
Washington, DC
October 4, 2016

Hello, My name is Chris Painter, and I am the Coordinator for Cyber Issues here at the U.S. Department of State.

As you may know, in partnership with other countries, the State Department is leading the U.S. Government’s efforts to promote an open, interoperable, secure, and reliable Internet that supports international trade and commerce, strengthens international security, and fosters free expression and innovation.

Our guiding principles and priorities are outlined in the U.S. International Strategy for Cyberspace.

Under the Strategy, we work with other countries to:

1. Promote Norms and Build International Stability in Cyberspace

2. Deter cybercrime

3. Strengthen Internet public policy and governance

4. Support Internet freedom

5. Develop information and communication technologies for economic growth and social development

6. Promote cybersecurity due diligence


7. All of these efforts help us build capacity, security, and prosperity with our global partners.

As a founding member of the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise, we joined Canada and the Organization for American States in an Initiative to raise global awareness of cyber threats and support national awareness campaigns, like our national Stop Think Connect campaign. This campaign empowers businesses, governments, and individuals to adopt safer and more secure practices online.

To achieve these goals, for Cybersecurity Month this year, we are asking you to join us in building cybersecurity capacity and awareness around the world.

How can you participate? I’m glad you asked.

Here are a few ideas:

FIRST, whether you work in government, the private sector, or in civil society you can look for ways to improve your personal and workplace cyber hygiene by using stronger passwords and securing your online accounts through the use of multi-factor authentication.

SECOND, you can contribute to building a culture of cybersecurity by encouraging your colleagues and leaders to develop security awareness programs in your workplace that address the risks in cyberspace. You can visit for more info.

THIRD, on a policy level, you can work to make sure your government elevates cyber issues as a national priority – because these are not just technical issues anymore, but core issues of national security, economic policy, human rights and, what I do, foreign policy. So all stakeholders – government, the private sector and civil society – should work together to create comprehensive national cyber strategies and raise awareness on these issues.

And finally, you can follow my office on twitter @State_Cyber and #CyberAware for daily updates

Thank you for your attention and we look forward to your support throughout October as we increase global cyber capacity and awareness!