Diplomatic Partnerships

Date: 08/30/2016 Description: Members of the Diplomatic Corps chat with a Thomas Jefferson reenactor while visiting Monticello, as part of an American Heritage event. - State Dept Image

The Diplomatic Partnerships division was founded on the idea that through the exchange of ideas, cultures, and traditions, we can build upon the Administration's efforts to foster international goodwill and provide the Diplomatic Corps greater insight and understanding of our people, customs, and institutions. Diplomatic Partnerships pursues this goal by organizing new events with the Diplomatic Corps, offering diverse types of exchanges as a means to foster lasting relationships, enhance our mutual understanding, and ultimately assist the Diplomatic Corps in completing their work while here in the United States.

Diplomatic Partnerships engages diplomats through four unique programs that showcase the full fabric of this country to the Diplomatic Corps. Those programs are Experience America, the American Heritage Series, Diplomatic Partnership Roundtables, and the State of the Administration Speaker Series.

Experience America gives foreign ambassadors the opportunity to step outside the beltway and experience the United States up close with a first-hand view of different cities and communities across America. Through tours and travel opportunities, foreign ambassadors are given an intimate and informative look at the diverse fabric of America. The American Heritage Series seeks to explore the remarkable landmarks, monuments, artifacts and milestones of American history in and around Washington, D.C. This series focuses on events, people and places that have had large roles in the creation and growth of the United States, and provides the Diplomatic Corps an opportunity to learn about American history up close. Diplomatic Partnership Roundtables offer ambassadors the unique opportunity to connect with Administration officials, Congressional staff, and policy, and business experts on a wide range of issues affecting their countries. These discussions are focused on specific topics of importance to the Ambassadors and create opportunities for them build new relationships and report back to their governments on key issues. Finally, the State of the Administration Speaker Series is a recurring series that is meant to give the Diplomatic Corps a chance to meet and hear from senior Administration officials and experts who can provide first-hand knowledge of our nation's most important issues.