Date: 08/30/2016 Description: text © White House Image/Photo by David Lienemann

The Visits division plans, arranges and executes detailed programs for visiting Chiefs of State and Heads of Government. From the arrival of a visiting foreign leader to their departure from the United States, Visit Officers work on the front lines of diplomacy and play a significant role in creating the framework for foreign relations.

The Visits division, often working closely with other federal agencies, takes a lead role in the logistical planning of everything from bilateral meetings with the President, First Lady, Vice President and the Secretary of State, to Official and State visits and large scale international meetings and summits.

In advance of a visit, the Visits Division will work with the visiting leader's delegation and embassy staff to create a detailed schedule from beginning to end. Working with the embassy, the Visits Division will lay the blueprint for a successful visit by ensuring all logical considerations are arranged and all cultural and traditional customs are met.

In addition, the Visits Division will assist and accompany Presidential Delegations while traveling to events abroad. The division also handles foreign press arrangements between the Department of State, the White House, and foreign dignitaries.