Office of the Special Envoy for Climate Change

The Obama Administration is committed to combating climate change and meeting one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. To address this global threat, the Office of the Special Envoy for Climate Change (SECC) is actively engaging partners and allies around the world both bilaterally and through a wide variety of multilateral fora. 

As part of this work, SECC led the way in the negotiations in Paris at the 21st Conference of Parties to the UNFCCC (COP21).  The Paris Agreement is the most ambitious climate accord ever negotiated,  and its rapid movement to entry into force demonstrates the commitment and urgency of the international community to work together as it grapples with the growing threat of climate change.

“The rapid entry into force timeline [of the Paris Agreement] underscores the widespread recognition of the urgency at hand. It is a testament to the continued determination of states large and small, rich and poor, to act on the moral, social, and economic imperative to address the dangerous impacts of climate change. Together, the world’s largest emitters have worked to overcome the divides that have led to the demise of past attempts, and are instead leading the way together.” – Secretary of State John Kerry, October 5, 2016