Adoption of UN Security Council Resolution 2310

Media Note
Office of the Spokesperson
Washington, DC
September 23, 2016

The Department of State welcomes the adoption today of UN Security Council Resolution 2310 on support for continued moratoria on nuclear explosive testing and broad international support for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT), twenty years after the Treaty’s opening for signature.

This Resolution is a strong and important statement of international support for the President’s agenda to reduce nuclear dangers. It also encourages nations to make the necessary preparations for the day when the CTBT enters into force, and reinforces the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty as a framework for achieving the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons.

The Resolution does not impose legal prohibitions on testing. It does, however, reinforce the broader objectives of the CTBT itself, namely to diminish reliance on nuclear weapons; to reduce competition among nuclear powers; and to promote responsible nuclear disarmament.

The timeliness and importance of this resolution are underscored by the DPRK’s latest nuclear test, a direct threat to international peace and security and a reminder of the value and absolute necessity of the CTBT.

The CTBT’s International Monitoring System and International Data Centre rapidly detected the North Korean test, offering a stark reminder of why the infrastructure built to support this treaty is so vital and why passing this resolution is so important.

It is important to note that this Resolution is not a substitute for entry into force of the CTBT, which requires, among other things, ratification by the United States with the advice and consent of the U.S. Senate.

The Administration is committed to working with the Senate to build support for eventual ratification. In the meantime, this clear reaffirmation of the moratoria against nuclear explosive testing and support for the Treaty’s verification infrastructure serves the U.S. national security interest.

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