U.S. Science Envoys Travel to Africa, the Pacific Islands, Europe, and Southeast Asia

Media Note
Office of the Spokesperson
Washington, DC
July 25, 2016

Three U.S. Science Envoys are traveling now and throughout the rest of July to several locations in Africa, the Pacific Islands, Europe, and Southeast Asia:

Dr. Jane Lubchenco completed a week-long trip to South Africa, and traveled to Mauritius on July 22. She will host a roundtable discussion there, July 25-26, which will bring together representatives from African academies of science to discuss how ocean science can be integrated into policy. Dr. Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, the President of Mauritius, will attend the opening of the roundtable and will give keynote remarks. Next, Dr. Lubchenco will travel to the Seychelles, July 28-30, to meet with government officials to discuss ocean, fishing, and other marine conservation issues.

Dr. Margaret Leinen will travel to Fiji and Samoa, July 24-30. Dr. Leinen will engage with governments, academia, and nonprofit organizations in both countries on topics including marine conservation and efforts to monitor illegal and unreported fishing.

Dr. Mark Hersam will travel to Georgia and Armenia, July 25-29. During Dr. Hersam’s travel, he will engage on issues in the field of biotechnology and materials science. He will also deliver presentations on innovation and leadership.

A fourth Science Envoy, Dr. Thomas Lovejoy, traveled to Malaysia, July 18-25, where he met with representatives from the government, academia, and nonprofit organizations, and discussed biodiversity conservation, wildlife trafficking, and the impact of development on natural resources.

U.S. Science Envoys are leaders in academia, Nobel Prize winners, and distinguished authors, and serve as U.S. government advisors. These eminent U.S. scientists and engineers leverage their expertise and networks to forge connections and identify opportunities for sustained international cooperation. For more information on the Science Envoy Program, please visit: 2009-2017.state.gov/e/oes/stc/stem/envoys. For other questions, please contact Victoria Peabody at PeabodyVW@state.gov and follow @StateDeptOES and #USScienceEnvoy on Twitter.