U.S.-Colombia Action Plan for Racial and Ethnic Equality (CAPREE) to Meet in Cali, Colombia

Media Note
Office of the Spokesperson
Washington, DC
April 6, 2016

Government and civil society representatives from the United States and Colombia will convene on April 7-8 for the fifth U.S.-Colombia Action Plan on Racial and Ethnic Equality (CAPREE) meeting in Cali, Colombia. CAPREE embodies the joint commitment of the United States and Colombian governments to ensure inclusive prosperity and equal of opportunities to advance the livelihoods of African descendant and Indigenous communities in both countries.

The CAPREE, launched in 2010, is a unique space that empowers civil society from both the United States and Colombia to provide input and share best practices to address the challenges of racial and ethnic discrimination. The U.S. government strongly affirms the uniquely important role of civil society in supporting a just and lasting peace in Colombia.

This week’s Plenary Meeting will advance an open dialogue around the following themes: Sustainable Development; Work and Entrepreneurship; Education; Culture; Sports; Communication and Technology and Capacity Building of Ethnic Groups. Following the meeting, participants will continue to collaborate to replicate successful models and establish working agreements for programs to increase opportunities for social inclusion and economic advancement focused on racial and ethnic minorities.

Participants will include U.S. Ambassador to Colombia Kevin Whitaker; Colombian Minister of the Interior Juan Fernando Cristo; U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary for South America and Cuba Alex Lee; U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Diplomacy Gonzalo Gallegos; and Colombian Vice Minister for Participation and Equal Rights Carmen Ines Vasquez.

For further information, please contact the Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs’ press office at WHAPress@state.gov.