U.S. Condemns ISIL Attacks in Damascus and Homs, Syria

Press Statement
Mark C. Toner
Deputy Department Spokesperson
Washington, DC
February 22, 2016

The United States strongly condemns the barbaric terrorist attacks yesterday in Damascus and Homs, Syria, now claimed by ISIL. We wish a speedy recovery to the wounded and express condolences to the victims.‎ ISIL terrorism has targeted innocent people from around the world -- from Damascus and Baghdad to Paris, Brussels, and Ankara. It will take a united and global effort to destroy this terrorist organization. We are committed through an international coalition to help Iraqi and moderate Syrian opposition forces wrest ISIL from the territory it still controls while systematically suffocating its financial, foreign fighter, and propaganda networks.

In Syria, we are committed to pursuing a political transition, as outlined in UNSCR 2254, and call on all parties to the conflict, particularly the Syrian regime and forces supporting it, to support a cessation of hostilities that can begin to de-escalate the civil war, which continues to sustain ISIL and other terrorist groups.