Nine-Year Anniversary of the Murder of Anna Politkovskaya

Press Statement
Mark C. Toner
Deputy Department Spokesperson
Washington, DC
October 6, 2015

Nine years ago on October 7, renowned Russian journalist and human rights activist Anna Politkovskaya was shot and killed in her apartment building. Five men were convicted last year for the murder, but we continue to urge the Russian Government to bring to justice those who ordered this crime.

Ms. Politkovskaya in 2005 stated, “People sometimes pay with their lives for saying aloud what they think.” Impunity for her murder, and that of other journalists, including Timur Kuashev, Akhmednabi Akhmednabiyev, Kazbek Gakkiyev, and several others in the North Caucasus in recent years, contributes to a climate of fear and self-censorship and puts journalists’ safety at risk.