Marking the 11th Anniversary of the Murder of American Journalist Paul Klebnikov

Press Statement
John Kirby
Department Spokesperson
Washington, DC
July 8, 2015

More than a decade after the murder of journalist Paul Klebnikov on a Moscow street, we note that his killers have yet to meet justice and that freedom of expression in Russia still falls victim.

In fact, the very pursuit of the truth by journalists in Russia has become more dangerous than it was the day Paul was gunned down.

As we have since that day, the United States calls upon the Russian government to end the culture of impunity, support freedom of the press and of expression, and aggressively pursue those who commit acts of violence against journalists -- including those responsible for Paul’s death. In so doing, they will not only honor his memory, but also the work of all journalists who serve and sacrifice for a better Russia.

Paul Klebnikov believed in the promise of a Russia where the rights of all people, including the press, are respected. Sadly, that future remains elusive.

It’s time -- indeed, it’s way past time -- to work towards that ideal.