Foreign Assistance Evaluation Transparency Initiative

Media Note
Office of the Spokesperson
Washington, DC
May 26, 2015

To increase the transparency of foreign assistance evaluation results, all State Department bureaus and offices conducting evaluations of external programs, projects and activities funded by foreign assistance will begin publicly sharing a summary of the results.

The summaries are posted at // Since the requirement for a summary of results became effective in January 2015, the searchable site currently contains full reports that bureaus had already made public or wished to make public. While summary postings are required for evaluations going forward from 2015, they are not required for historical evaluations.

The Department updated its evaluation policy earlier this year to better reflect the breadth of activities, projects and programs as well as to emphasize the use of evaluation results. The policy is publicly posted at //

Since the inception of the Department of State’s evaluation policy in 2012, bureaus have completed approximately 138 foreign assistance evaluations. The Department expects evaluation results to provide evidence to improve foreign assistance programs, ensure accountability for the resources spent, inform decision making and produce a body of knowledge for the Department to learn from. For more information, contact