Bosnia and Herzegovina Steps Forward as a Contributor to International Peacekeeping, in Partnership with the Global Peace Operations Initiative

Media Note
Office of the Spokesperson
Washington, DC
September 29, 2014

The United States congratulates Bosnia and Herzegovina for becoming the first European partner in the U.S. Department of State-led Global Peace Operations Initiative (GPOI) to achieve the significant milestone of Full Training Capability, establishing the country’s certified self-sufficiency to train peacekeeping personnel for UN and regional peace operations. In doing so, Bosnia and Herzegovina demonstrates its commitment to promoting international peace and security by helping meet the growing global demand for military and civilian personnel needed to stabilize post-conflict countries around the world.

Bosnia and Herzegovina was among the founding partners of GPOI, an initiative started in 2005 to train military and police units to serve in both UN-led and regional peacekeeping missions, supply essential non-lethal equipment, and refurbish peacekeeping training facilities. In addition to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s contribution of military personnel to UN peacekeeping missions in Africa, as well as to coalition operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, its GPOI-supported Peace Support Operations Training Center has helped train military, police, and civilian personnel from 48 countries in accordance with the current UN standards. We applaud Bosnia and Herzegovina’s continued national investment in peacekeeping and look forward to building on our GPOI partnership to save lives and help set the stage for post-conflict recovery around the world.

To date, GPOI, administered by the Department’s Bureau of Political-Military Affairs, has helped train more than 270,000 peacekeepers from among its 69 partner nations and organizations; supported 52 national and regional peace operations training centers and three regional headquarters worldwide; and facilitated the deployment of more than 197,000 personnel from 38 countries serving in 29 peacekeeping operations around the world.

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