U.S. Assistance to Egypt

Taken Question
Office of the Spokesperson
Washington, DC
June 8, 2013

QUESTION: How much is the U.S. obligated to provide to Egypt under the Camp David Accords? Does the FY2013 Foreign Military Financing amount include the $250 million the Secretary pledged in Cairo?

ANSWER: The United States is not obligated to provide assistance to Egypt. We provide assistance because it serves U.S. national interests in a crucial and volatile region.

The $250 million that Secretary Kerry announced in Cairo included $190 million in budget support and $60 million for the Egyptian-American Enterprise Fund, which is an independent, private nonprofit entity. Both are funded out of Economic Support Funds. The $250 million did not include any Foreign Military Financing. We will continue to work closely with Congress to determine how best to assist the Egyptian people and promote Egypt’s democratization and its economic stabilization and development, as well as our regional security interests.

PRN: 2013/0707