Five U.S. Assistant Secretaries Meet with Visiting Mexican Economic Delegation

Media Note
Office of the Spokesperson
Washington, DC
April 11, 2013

Senior U.S. Government officials will meet with a visiting delegation of Mexican economic officials on April 11-12, in Washington, DC, to discuss the U.S.-Mexican economic relationship.

The U.S. officials include: U.S. Department of State Assistant Secretary for Economic and Business Affairs Jose W. Fernandez, U.S. Department of State Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs Roberta S. Jacobson, U.S. Department of the Treasury Assistant Secretary for International Finance Charles Collyns, U.S. Department of Commerce Assistant Secretary for Market Access and Compliance Michael Camunez, and U.S. Department of Transportation Assistant Secretary for Aviation and International Affairs Susan Kurland.

The Government of Mexico delegation includes: Foreign Ministry Undersecretary for North America Dr. Sergio Alcocer Martinez de Castro, Ambassador of Mexico to the United States Eduardo Medina-Mora, Secretariat of Communications and Transportation Undersecretary of Transportation Carlos Almada Lopez, Secretariat of Communications and Transportation Undersecretary for Infrastructure Raul Murrieta Cummings, Head of Mexico’s Tax Administration Office Aristoteles Nunez Sanchez, Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation Executive Director Juan Manuel Valle Perena, Secretariat of Public Credit Chief of International Relations Juan Bosco Marti Ascencio, Secretariat of Economy Director General for North America Juan Carlos Baker, and National Entrepreneurship Institute Director General Adriana Tortajada.

The event is a direct result of bilateral economic talks held in Mexico in January and February, 2013. The April meetings highlight the importance both administrations place on the thriving U.S.-Mexico economic relationship, and set the stage for President Obama’s trip to Mexico in May.

Mexico is Latin America’s second largest economy, as well as the United States second largest export market and third largest source of imports. Bilateral trade between the United States and Mexico amounted to nearly $500 billion in 2012, more than quadruple what it was at NAFTA’s entry into force in 1994.

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