2012 Secretary's Award for Corporate Excellence Finalists Selected

Media Note
Office of the Spokesperson
Washington, DC
September 21, 2012

Eleven finalists have been selected for the Secretary of State’s prestigious 2012 Award for Corporate Excellence (ACE). These U.S. companies were chosen from 82 nominations submitted by U.S. Ambassadors around the world. ACE finalists recognize the vital role that U.S. businesses play abroad as good corporate citizens that promote sustainable development and support local community needs in the countries where they operate. The finalists for this year are:

  • Chevron in Turkmenistan: for this hydrocarbon production and distribution company's contribution to local communities through supporting youth entrepreneurship, cultural and athletic initiatives, green technologies, including through partnerships with the Turkmenistan Academy of Sciences; as well as programs to improve the lives of farmers and foster economic transparency.
  • Esso in Angola: for this hydrocarbon production and distribution company's contribution to improving health by partnering to combat malaria, empowering women through agricultural development programs, fostering environmental protection through reducing greenhouse gas emissions; and supporting employment training and advancement, and education for youth.
  • General Motors in Uzbekistan: for this automobile manufacturer's efforts to protect the environment by improving water quality through state-of-the art waste water treatment; provide humanitarian assistance for victims of natural and other emergencies; ensure that all workers in its supply chain benefit from adequate health and safety equipment; and empower women through vocational training.
  • Intel in Vietnam: for this technology company's efforts to lead in environmental protection through the generation of electricity through solar power; and participate in transformative educational programs focusing on faculty and curriculum development, including through sending local educators for university training in the United States; and providing scholarships to disadvantaged children, youth, and women.
  • Intel in Malaysia: for this technology company's efforts to promote clean alternative energy through use of solar panels; water conservation, waste recycling, and reforestation; protection of endangered species; computer literacy for adults; and educational advancement for disadvantaged youth.
  • Microsoft in Thailand: for this technology company's partnership with local civil society organizations to improve computer literacy; alleviate poverty through computer technology skills centers for vocational training of youth; assist disadvantaged farmers to enhance the marketing of their crops and expand their consumer base; and support for student talent, creativity, and innovation.
  • Microsoft in Egypt: for this technology company's efforts to disseminate computer technology for community development in order to empower persons with disabilities, women, and members of other vulnerable communities; expand youth employment training and computer literacy; help small and medium size business owners enhance marketing through website and digital development; and promote internet safety and security for thousands of children.
  • Microsoft in India: for this technology company's efforts to provide community technology skills for young adults in rural and underserved communities; donate software for non-governmental organization efforts for community development; create and disseminate internet templates so that persons with disabilities can access public information; and develop accessibility guides for educators, governments and businesses to enhance learning opportunities for students with disabilities.
  • Rosalie Bay in Dominica: for this eco-resort's efforts to support sustainable development through eco-tourism by promoting protection of endangered sea turtles and other community environmental protection initiatives; sourcing locally produced goods; using recycled and sustainably produced materials, including solar and wind power generation; and assisting local hospitals and literacy programs.
  • Sorwathé in Rwanda: for this tea production company's efforts to support adult literacy; worker association and collective bargaining rights; lead the industry in advancing the abolition of child labor; undertake sustainable forestry and water management; and produce socially and environmentally responsibly grown high quality tea.
  • Sustainable Mahogany Industries in Fiji: for this mahogany production company's assistance in developing the Fiji Pure Mahogany brand; supporting indigenous forest preservation and conservation through the exclusive use of sustainably produced and certified mahogany; empowering women through employment and professional advancement; and implementing exemplary occupational health and safety processes.

The Secretary of State has awarded the ACE since 1999 to recognize American companies that are leaders in socially responsible activities and contribute to the overall growth and development of the local economy in which they work. The Department of State is committed to working with businesses to further these best practices worldwide and to recognize efforts to improve lives at home and abroad. The 2012 ACE winners will be announced at the annual ceremony hosted by the Secretary of State on November 28, 2012.

For more information, including a video announcing the finalists, please visit: //2009-2017.state.gov/e/eb/ace/. Media with further questions may contact the Office of Economic Policy Analysis and Public Diplomacy at EPPDMediaRSVP@state.gov.

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