Somalia: U.S. Assistance to the Transitional Federal Government

Taken Question
Office of the Spokesperson
Washington, DC
March 6, 2012

Question: Please provide a response to reports that the Somali Government spent only $1 million on social services last year, but received $58 million in aid. Will this affect US aid to Somalia going forward?

Answer: We have seen Mr. Fartaag’s report and the previous ones he has prepared. We have also seen the Transitional Federal Government’s (TFG) rebuttals to allegations made in the audits. We continue to engage with the TFG as it works to improve the transparency and accountability of its finances.

Our assistance to the TFG is either in kind – such as the provision of equipment, logistical support, and support for regional military training exercises – or provided through mechanisms that ensure that U.S. funds are used properly and effectively. We also support initiatives that would increase transparency and accountability for the TFG’s revenues.

International donors and the Somali people have the right to know that funds intended to stabilize and rebuild Somalia are being used appropriately. We will continue to work with Somalis to develop a functioning and stable government in Somalia. As the TFG’s mandate comes to an end this August, ensuring that there is transparency and accountability of revenue in Somalia’s successor government is critical.

PRN: 2012/339