Migrant Human Rights in Mexico and the Merida Initiative (Taken Question)

Taken Question
Office of the Spokesperson
Washington, DC
December 7, 2011

Question: Has Department of State received a letter from members of Congress concerning the violation of the human rights of migrants crossing Mexico, such as the 72 who were murdered last year? What is your response to the letter’s request that these human rights violations be tied to aid to Mexico, such as the Merida Initiative?

Answer: The Department of State received a letter from Members of Congress expressing concern for the safety of migrants in Mexico. We are finalizing a response to the letter.

The U.S. Government takes seriously any and all allegations of human rights violations. Respect for human rights is a key component of our joint efforts to promote a culture of lawfulness and strengthen institutions and the rule of law in Mexico.

Through our multifaceted bilateral relation with Mexico and under the Merida Initiative as well as humanitarian programs that assist vulnerable migrants, we support the Mexican Government’s commitment to human rights including the important efforts being undertaken to protect migrants.

PRN: 2011/2085