The Secretary's Office of Global Women's Issues and the Bureau of African Affairs Commemorates the Decade of the African Woman and Women's History Month

Notice to the Press
Office of the Spokesman
Washington, DC
March 30, 2011

In celebration of the Decade of the African Woman and Women’s History Month, the Bureau of African Affairs and the Secretary’s Office of Global Women’s Issues will host a panel discussion Thursday, March 31, at 3:00 p.m. in the Loy Henderson Auditorium at the Department of State.

The event, titled "Women Taking Charge in Africa," will focus on women’s roles in brokering peace, overcoming injustices, and as drivers of development on the continent. Panelists will highlight the support that the United States has given to these efforts.

Panelists include Melanne Verveer, Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues, Susan Page, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, and Carla Koppell, Director of the Institute of Inclusive Security. Cheryl Benton, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs, will serve as the moderator.

This event is open to credentialed members of the media.

Pre-set time for cameras: 2:15 p.m. from the 23rd Street entrance

Final access time for writers and still photographers: 2:45 p.m. from 23rd Street entrance.

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