Jordanian Parliamentary Elections

Press Statement
Philip J. Crowley
Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Public Affairs
Washington, DC
November 10, 2010

We commend the Jordanian people for exercising their constitutional right to elect a new parliament on November 9th, and for welcoming international observer missions for the first time, who conducted their work in accordance with the “Declaration of Principles for International Election Observation.” Jordan’s decision to welcome international observers is consistent with internationally recognized elections standards and serves as an example for the entire region.

We were pleased to review the preliminary reports released on November 10 by the International Republican Institute (IRI) and the National Democratic Institute (NDI) in which IRI deemed the Jordanian elections as “credible” and “a significant improvement for the Middle East” and NDI found that “the conduct of voting on election day compared favorably to accepted international practices” and the process showed a “clear improvement over the election process in 2007.” We positively highlight that the international observer missions have reported they were granted access to every level of the election administration, enabling them to successfully complete their important work.

In line with the full scope of their missions, both NDI and IRI identified a number of areas for improvement that, if addressed, would further increase citizen confidence in the electoral process. While there were sporadic incidents of violence on election day, as well as reports of a number of irregularities in the administration of the election, IRI noted that the balloting process was generally calm and orderly.

PRN: 2010/1621